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Plant and technology

Our company disposes of following technical equipment

Press brake from company Safan, the E BRAKE 100-3100-TS 1 line

This press brake is with its technical implementation one of its kind on the market. Characteristic of this machine is propulsion of top ram by equable servomotors, which in combination with robust cogged belts create system similar to pulley mechanism.

Another advantage is a special construction Safan e-Brake which also allows the absorption of strong forces, the solving of frame works as a complex and deformations are kept to on absolute minimum, which means greater stability and less risk of deformations than in case of solution of convention typ. Transfer of power is distributed throughout the length and area of ram and not just in two points, as common at hydraulic presses.

The result is a machine designed to produce highly accurate parts without the need of crowning table for compensation of deformations of lower ram, with rapid course of operations allowed precise servomotors.

It bends sheets of usual quality and thickness of the maximum length of 3100 mm. The accuracy of ram positioning in Y +/- 0,05 mm. The management system allows the setting of numerical parameters for the bend, the library of tools and finished parts. This press brake has 6 CNC controlled axes and press power of this machine is 1000 kN. The accuracy of positioning the rear stops in the x-axis + / - 0.02 mm.

Press brake Safan E Brake 65-2550-TS 1

This machine asi a pressing force 650 kN, is able to bend sheets of length 2550 mm, positioning accuracy is +/- 0,05 mm.

Punching CNC press EUROMAC CX 1000

  • pressing force: 300 kN
  • working range in x-axis: 2000 mm
  • working range in x-axis with automatic reduction: Fino a 10.000 mm
  • working range in y-axis: 1000 mm
  • max. tools diameter: - system TRUMPF 105 mm - system AMADA (stage D) 88,9 mm MULTITOOL MTE6 6x24 mm MULTITOOL MTE10 3x24 mm + 7x8 mm
  • punch anchorange in head: - hydraulic matrix anchorange - hydraulic
  • lifts amount/min. max: 230

Press brake from company Bayler

We use also press brake from company Bayler; pressing force of this machine is 65 kN, length of bend is 2550 mm, positioning accuracy is +/- 0,05 mm.

CNC cut-mashine TRUMPF TRUMATIC TR5000

Trumpf 5000 is extremely productive mainly due to high acceleration values.

The most important identification signes:

  • very high speed
  • fast lifting series
  • quickest perforating machine in the world
  • rotation: a major increase in the speed of rotation
  • quick forming
  • quick changing of tools
  • aspiration: powerful and certain

Pneumatic spot welders WBN 25 kVA and pneumatic scissors to the plate to 3.000 mm.

We have a total of 4 workplaces with welding aggregates ( MIG/MAG a TIG ) for manual welding, of which there are two workplaces equipped with resistance welding machines from 20 kVA to 160 kVA.

We have also available the bolt welders for surfacing pintle and bolts. Surfacing systems in cour company: Our coating is final process of production, before expedition, which provides to product both protection, but mainly aestetics. Our company disposes of automated paint line with phospate degreasing and conveyor allowing also painting of 24px;r objects.

Automatic painting line IDEAL LINE

Automatic painting line IDEAL LINE is presently our cornerstone as regards surfacing.

Cleaning and degreasing of parts is carried out three-phases way in advance preparation tunnel, firstly degreasing and phospating, then rough rinse with industrial water and finally rinse with demineralized water, which deprives the workpiece mineral salts and other mineral impurities. The next step is drying of parts in drying oven, then the electrostatic powder colour coating and final phase is induration colour in the glost oven.

Varnishing capacity is c. 2.100 m2 in 24 hours.

This varnishing line is accompanied by a hand-held spray booth.

We are also able to negotiate for our customers other types of surfacing such as e.g. electrolytics degreasing.

Our company disposes with infinite 15px;er additional machines, which also play an important role during total production. Universally we are talking about presses, lathes, abrasive cleaning unite and other auxiliary equipment.



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