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History and present

DOLS - production of Doors, Windows, Letterboxes, Inc. is introducing

DOLS originated as a limited liability company by privatisation of former state enterprise STAVOKONSTRUKCE and built on its traditional manufacture of product for buildings - windows, doors and building smithery, including the letter boxes. It was in time when rapidly changed material baseline of product for building and steel windows have been replaced by production from plastic profiles, production of aluminium windows from the simple aluminium profiles by the production from profiles with divided thermal bridge and products from black profiles and sheets were gradually replaced by production of galvanized materials and high-quality steel. Very quickly changed also the opinions and quality requirements. Striking example of that is production of letter-boxes.

Motto: The Letter-box is a visiting card of your house

DOLS, that are not only letter-boxes. Already the fully name of the company: DOLS - production of Doors, Windows, Letter-boxes, the indicates the area of production. However, they are mainly home letter-boxes (otherwise popular „post-box"), which reported a wider knowledge of the name or if you want the mark DOLS. And so presently appears already in specification of architects and designers, letter-boxes „DOLS". Why so? It´s first of all that in DOLS created a new standard of equipment for the post delivery. How that began?

Former STAVOKONTRUKCE (predecessor of today´s company DOLS) were almost a monopoly producer of letter-boxes for former mass public housing. They were those generally grey, known prefab-houses letter-boxes. Those letter-boxes, which you still can find in a lot of prefab-houses, although presently they doesn´t suit the current volume of everyday post. Those boxes were cheap, available for everyone and there was seemingly no reason not to use it or change them for new ones. Doubtless reason were also rapidly increasing prices of these products.

Sometimes about 1992 established the company (that time already DOLS s.r.o.) contact with a German trader, who had an interest in the supply of letter-boxes in a 24px;, but quite different, not only to dimensions, but also quality. He had an interest in letter-boxes corresponding German standard, which set demanding conditions for the size, process quality and lifetime of letter-box. After overcoming initial difficulties with the tools production, ensuring adequate materials and semi-finished products started in a very short time production of an entirely new type of letter-boxes in a limited range. At that time was practically whole production directed to Germany and we have to admit that we learned just from German customer to quality. We converted very quickly from production single letter-boxes to production of sets for mass public housing at gradual expansion of the production range.

At that time, these products were practically unsalable inland just with regard to the actual convention (and also prices) and for inland were still produced those wellknown prefab-houses letter-boxes. It took several years before first candidate for the supply of new models of letter-boxes and sets of letter-boxes appeared. There comes a new standard of equipment for post delivery and solution of house-entry. It´s standard, which gave product of company DOLS basis to. It is also a demonstration of how was changing the view of relationship of quality and price. Since 2000, volume production of sets of letter-boxes increased fivefold.

Significant modernization of production technology contributed to a substantial en24px;ment of letter-boxes assortment, to bigger flexibility during assortment changes and to possibility to produce atypical dimensions based on customer requirements. Unfortunately, even these investments still does not allow fully cover the needs of customers within the required time and here we expect a lot of work furthermore.

Currently there are increasingly frequent requirements for a comprehensive solution of house-entry. Sets of letter-boxes could be added by ring buttons, speaking moduls, video cameras, lighting with different levels of controls, code locks etc. Ideal is complet delivery even with doors from aluminium or plastic profiles. All this can offer DOLS a.s.

Hereby we get to next today´s production and offer of DOLS a.s. That are not only building entrance doors from aluminium or plastic profiles, but also windows and walls of the facade from aluminium profiles, plastic windows with all the accessories. Even in this assortment company DOLS built on earlier production of windows and doors from steel profiles. Since 1992, the production of steel windows was fully replaced by production primarily just from plastic profiles and then, two years later also by modern profile systems from aluminium. Using of those profile systems gradually led to the production of demanding foreside walls and also winter gardens. Though currently company DOLS a.s. does not belong to 24px;st producers in Czech Republic, it successfully deliveres its products not only to builders of family houses, but it also cooperates with biggest construction companies. It also successfully shares in supply of revitaliziation of prefabricated houses.High-quality materials are used to poduction, materials from leading European producers of profile systems meeting the strict standards of thermal insulation values. The company has been since 1996 holder of a certificate of quality management (now CSN EN ISO 9001:2000 ) and all products are certified by the State Testing Laboratory.

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to the entrances? You will find it in our place

House entrance doors with built set of letter-boxes with integrated ring panel and speaking equipment, built video camera, lighting house entrance, simply with all what modern solution to house entrances requires Looking just for sets of letter-boxes or single-boxes? You will find it at our place, at the only producer of letter-boxes, who can issue a declaration of conformity product to you, with valid ČSN EN 13 724 on the basis of certificate issued by autorized testing room.

The quality of our products will persuade you


The company was transformed from 1.6.1998 to joint-stock company called DOLS - production of Doors, Windows, Letterboxes, Inc. Production potential of the company currently consist of approximately 170 workers and the production is orientated to 3 basic disciplines.

Metal production is focused primarily on production of letter boxes and their sets for mass public housing. In addition, it has a significant share of production producing of parts, racks, shelving for the presentation of products and various other shelves. Furthermore, in the production schedule remains the steel product manufacturing for construction such as railings, stairs, atypic doors etc. Metal production keeps at disposal primarily sheet metal processing equipment of all kinds, including stainless steel material on th strength of 0,5 to 4 mm, such as CNC Trumf 5000, EUROMAC, table shears, press brakes SAFAN, presses, spot-welders. For the processing of steel profiles is used blasting equipment, single-disk clutch, double-disk clutch, equipment for welding in a protective atmosphere, drills, miling machines and additional machinery and equipment. For the surface finishing is intended the painting line for, it serves for powder painting and further equipment for packaging in shring-wrap.

Production of plastic windows handles plastic profiles of company VEKA. This system allows the production of the 15px;est for the 24px;st possible elements of the profiles corresponding to the width and production of various shapes of windows. By these profiles is possible to successfully imitate a stylish wooden windows in the design, shape and color. To this can be used a foil with wood design and 23 colour films. In the case of the most demanding requirements we are able to offer the colours scale RAL and of course all the accessories (parapets, gauzes, etc.)

Profile systems from company REYNAERS and Schuco are used for the production of aluminium components. From those profil systems are produced windows, doors, glassed-in frontages and winter gardens. According to component demandingness is possible to choose from several different profile systems, differing in the different coefficient of heat transmission and in strength parameters (CS59 systems, CS68, CS77 and CS86-HI). Production of Al components allows even more colour scheme than that of plastic profiles. There is at disposal except the anodized profiles even c. 180 colour shades RAL glossy, 180 colour shades RAL dimm and except the anodized profiles even c. 100 colour shades of special colours.

Company Profile

  • Year of company establishing: 1998
  • Staff number: 170
  • Quality certificate: ISO 9001:2000
  • Annual turnover of 2007: 242 000 000 Kč
  • Export: 20 %


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